Mission and Vision

Every Believer's Journey

The Centrality of the Gospel

At New Harmony, we believe every believer’s journey is unique, because every individual is unique. But we also believe that every believer’s journey is the same because we’re all broken people that Jesus is redeeming.  Once we are saved, we enter into what the Bible calls sanctification. We think this illustration is helpful to explain every believer’s journey.  

Because the Gospel is the power that moves us forward in God’s design for our lives, we believe it’s important to understand what the Gospel should produce in every believer.

The illustration on the right shows that when the Gospel is central it increasingly produces wisdom and character; it grows us in community with one another; our desire for evangelism grows; we become more mindful about local and foreign missions; and we grow in generosity with our time, gifts, and finances.

Learn the Gospel

Romans 12:2

Learning the Gospel is more than memorizing the facts about Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. It’s about understanding the fullness of redemption - how the Gospel changes the way we think, live, speak, and respond - in this life and the next. It is letting the Word renew your thinking.

Live The Gospel

Ephesians 4:1-3

Living the Gospel deals with my character in the community. Am I living a life that represents the kingdom of God?  Am I serving others in love?  Would the lost in my neighborhood consider me a good neighbor?  It’s these kinds of questions that living the Gospel will answer.

Share the Gospel

1 Peter 3:15 

Sharing the Gospel is more than just living the Gospel. If living the Gospel opens the door to share, sharing the Gospel is opening your mouth to speak. Growing in evangelism must include verbally communicating the Gospel to others. Evangelism isn’t just about sharing your faith verbally, but spreading the Gospel must include your verbal witness.

Send the Gospel

Acts 1:8

Sending the Gospel is taking the message of Jesus Christ beyond our local borders.  We do it in church planting.  We do it on mission trips.  We do it by sending missionaries.  For some it means becoming the missionary and being sent!  Sending th Gospel cultivates a heart for missions and expands our generosity as we give toward making missions possible.

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