New Harmony Church COVID-19 Statement

We have always been proactive about ensuring that our facility is disinfected well on a regular basis. High standards of cleanliness will continue to be part of what we do.  However, as we watch the ongoing development of the COVID-19 issue, we need to clarify NHC’s response.

We understand that there are many opinions among our faithful attenders and members about how we should respond to COVID-19. The elders have prayed and discussed our options, and we are pursuing a policy of responsibility and respect. In an effort to be responsible and respectful, we will abide by the recommendations of the local, state, and federal authorities.

In light of our policy of responsibility and respect, here is our response.

  • We will follow the schedule of the R-80 school district. If R-80 is in session, we will have normal services. If R-80 is dismissed, we will move to live-streamed services only.
  • To maintain our regular rhythms, we will live-stream during our regular service times. We’re asking that only the people who help make the live-stream possible come to the church.
  • While we conduct live-streamed services, we encourage you to view and participate in your homes as families and preserve the unity of fellowship.
  • In all things we want to present no stumbling stones for the world. Romans 13 tells us to subject ourselves to governing authorities. We want to conduct ourselves in a way that both honors the name of Jesus, and gives the world no grounds for accusations.

We ask for grace and patience as we walk through this in a way that we believe pleases the Lord. We ask that everyone do all that is possible to preserve unity in the Body of Christ so that we can continue to impact our community for God’s Kingdom.