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Have you ever had some one speak into your life? I am not talking about those in your world that nag or try to control you. I am speaking of those that have a desire to see you succeed for the Glory of God. When you speak to them you feel as though you have someone in your corner. I must tell you, I love those people in my life. They have caused me to step up to something that is completely unattainable without Christ.

However I must say I don’t think I do justice to what Scripture asks of us regarding these un-sung heroes of the faith. Galatians 6:6 shares with us these words:

Those who are taught the word of God should provide for their teachers, sharing all good things with them.

All good things… this isn’t only a plea to make sure your leaders are financially taken care of; this is meant to encourage those that have invested in us.

In my short walk as a Christian, God has provided many who have come along my side and shared what they thought was great and not so great about my journey with Christ. I believe I am like the rest of the world when I enjoy being praised instead of reprimanded, but both are necessary. If we get too much of one and not the other we become unbalanced and unfocused on our Lord Jesus Christ.

Recently I was remembering one of those that spoke into my life. It was a time, which I am sure we have all experienced, when I was disappointed in church people. This young minister spoke into my life when I was done, or so I thought, with the Christian life. I’d just been saved a short time and couldn’t understand why these Christian people were acting like the world. He encouraged me to stay the course and put my focus only on the one who would never leave or forsake me. He also said that I should go into ministry. Of course at the time I thought he was crazy on two counts, but since then I have realized God had placed him there at the perfect time. Today it hit me that I had never told him what effect he had on my life. So immediately I got on Facebook to try to find him. His exact response when I messaged him was,“I was just thinking about you and your family.” Isn’t it awesome to be loved by the King of kings?

Our lives are so busy and full of stuff we seem to jump from one thing to the next. We need to stop, look around, and ask the Lord to show us who He is using to invest in us so that we can invest in them. In Luke 17 a story unfolds that sheds some more light on what we are talking about.

11 While He was on the way to Jerusalem, He was passing between Samaria and Galilee. 12 As He entered a village, ten leprous men who stood at a distance met Him; 13 and they raised their voices, saying, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” 14 When He saw them, He said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And as they were going, they were cleansed. 15 Now one of them, when he saw that he had been healed, turned back, glorifying God with a loud voice, 16 and he fell on his face at His feet, giving thanks to Him. And he was a Samaritan. 17 Then Jesus answered and said, “Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine—where are they? 18 Was no one found who returned to give glory to God, except this foreigner?” 19 And He said to him, “Stand up and go; your faith has made you well.”

I don’t know about you, but when God has sent someone into my life to encourage and challenge, I want to be like the one who came back to give glory to God. When someone shares with us God’s Holy Word we should likewise go back to them and share how they have been used by God. So these questions are for all of us. Who has invested in you? Have you shared all the good things that God has done in your life with them?

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  • Ken pickett Posted January 2, 2015 12:58 am

    Matt, God has worked through you to help me in many different ways. I moved here not knowing anyone but a few family members. You have always been there to listen even though you are very busy. You have lead me, tough me, and have always been an example of what a recovering addict can be, Someone to help others. God bless and thank you for being there when I had no other friends.

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