Romans – A Study to Go Deeper

Romans – A Study to Go Deeper

ROMANS 15:14-22

Paul Tells the Believers they are:

-Full of Goodness -Knowledgeable -Discipling others

-He Reminders them of their Duties and responsibilities to minister the gospel 

-Do you enjoy receiving encouragement? Yes   No    Why?__________________

-Wonder with me for a moment what it would be like if we were known as a encourager? Examine your life____________________________________

-Are you known as a person who is good, full of knowledge and a disciple of Christ? How can you grow in these areas_____________________________


An admonition is advice with a hint of scolding, a warning not to do something. When you’re cautioned or warned about some mistake you might be just about to make, or some looming danger, you’re receiving an admonition.

-Have you ever had to give advice to someone that you know doesn’t really want to hear it? explain _____________________________________________

-Have you ever had to receive admonishment? If so how did that go??_________

-What should we use as a guide when correcting someone?________________

-What character trait is most important when approaching people with issues?

Holy Spirit Led

Understand others perspective
Minister to people don’t meddle

Biblical approach

Lead them to make a decision

Embrace the outcome let God do the work

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