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On September 11, 2001, four United Airlines aircraft were hijacked by small bands of terrorists. The destruction they caused changed the course of our nation’s history.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of that tragic day. Last January, our church staff sat down to consider the direction God was leading us for 2011. As we pondered the tenth anniversary of 9/11, God led us to consider how his Church in America is being hijacked. From that meeting, the Hijacked was born.

Hijacked is a sermon series and a book study.  Pastor David will begin preaching through the series on September 11 during our normal Sunday service times.  He will confront many problems that the church is facing in our current culture of tolerance, and show what the Bible has to say about those issues.

The Hijacked  book study takes a deeper look at six crucial areas that are slowly and quietly being hijacked. Who are we listening to for authority? What foundations are we building upon? How does the surrounding culture affect us? What ever happened to pure religion? Why are we so afflicted by intimacy issues? Why do we wrestle with our identity?  How we answer these six questions has a profound impact on how we live day to day.  The books for this study will be available in the church library starting August 28, and will cost $5.00.

Each of our existing Life Groups will be participating in the Hijacked book study, including three new locations in Rolla, Licking, and one in the NHC Coffee House.  When you purchase your book, be sure to indicate which group you will be attending.


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