At NHC we get excited about worship!  We place a high value on enthusiastic, passionate worship.  We understand that worship is much more than just the songs we sing on Sunday.  Worship is a lifestyle of loving Jesus more than anything or anyone.  But we do recognize that music is definitely a big part of how the church worships corporately.  When we come together for praise and worship, it is always a special time because we are expressing our love for Jesus as one unified body.

NHC’s worship ministry makes it a point to sing songs that are relevant and all about Jesus and what he’s done for us.  Our worship team is comprised of people who love Jesus and love using their musical talents to bring praise and honor to Him.  Every week we do our best to make glorious praise to our King.  If you are a singer or an instrumentalist, we are always interested to find ways to bring new people into our ministry.

NHC’s worship ministry also includes a sound and media team.  Our sound and media team make sure each time we gather that the music is mixed well, that the lighting is just right, and that the words to the songs are where everyone can see them.  Without this team, our worship gatherings would be a mess!  If you’ve got skills with computers, or if you have an ear for knowing a good music mix when you hear it, we’d love to get you more information about the sound and media team.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Shane at 573-729-5991 or use the form below to contact him via e-mail.

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