Apology to Everyone

Apology to Everyone

It has come to my attention that the poster that I (Shane Callicutt) created for New Harmony’s Sportsmen’s Banquet has offended people in the community.

The offensive part of the poster says, “Men Only. No Women Allowed. (Unless you’re cooking).

I hold myself responsible for the offensive statement. No one else in the church was responsible, it was solely my decision to put that on our poster. I am not a sexist. You can ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you the same. My church is not sexist. I have been the worship pastor at New Harmony for four and a half years, and one thing I know for sure is that NHC deeply values and loves the women in our lives. This was intended to be an attempt at humor, which I clearly made in poor taste.

I apologize for the joke. I should have been more sensitive to other people who have suffered from chauvinism. I should have been more cognizant of how this might reflect poorly on the community of Salem. I ask the community’s forgiveness. Please do not judge the people of NHC harshly for this. It was my actions. If you feel compelled to judge, judge me.

I apologize to the people at NHC. My actions have reflected poorly on all of you. My actions have reflected poorly on the cause of Christ. Please forgive me.

I know that these posters have been out there for a couple of weeks, and in some ways the damage has been done. Again, forgive me. As I see them, I will remove them. I intend to apologize publicly at the Sportsmen’s Banquet, and at church on Sunday.

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  • Tammy Posted February 25, 2015 9:44 pm

    Anyone that knows shane Callicutt knows that he would never puposely do anything to offend anyone. No need for apologies here.

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